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My Nano Ninja - Node API

Build awesome apps with the Ninja!

Direct RPC Access

With this endpoint you can communicate with the Nano Node directly.


The following actions are available:
'account_balance', 'account_info', 'account_history', 'account_key', 'account_representative', 'account_weight', 'accounts_balances', 'accounts_frontiers', 'accounts_pending', 'active_difficulty', 'available_supply', 'block_info', 'block_account', 'block_create', 'block_confirm', 'block_count', 'block_count_type', 'chain', 'confirmation_active', 'confirmation_history', 'confirmation_info', 'confirmation_quorum', 'frontier_count', 'process', 'representatives', 'representatives_online', 'successors', 'version', 'peers', 'pending', 'pending_exists', 'work_validate', 'work_generate', 'key_create', 'krai_from_raw', 'krai_to_raw', 'mrai_from_raw', 'mrai_to_raw', 'rai_from_raw', 'rai_to_raw'
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You need a API key which you send via a Authorization: yourapikey HTTP header.
The nano-node-rpc NodeJS library does that for you.

Get you API key here!