My Nano Ninja - Node API

Build awesome apps with the Ninja!

Do you want to build your project with Nano but don't want to run your own node? The Ninja is here to help you!

Direct RPC Access

With this endpoint you can communicate with the Nano Node directly.

The following actions are available:
'account_balance', 'account_info', 'account_history', 'account_key', 'account_representative', 'account_weight', 'accounts_balances', 'accounts_frontiers', 'accounts_pending', 'active_difficulty', 'available_supply', 'block_info', 'block_account', 'block_create', 'block_confirm', 'block_count', 'block_count_type', 'blocks_info', 'chain', 'confirmation_active', 'confirmation_history', 'confirmation_info', 'confirmation_quorum', 'frontier_count', 'process', 'representatives', 'representatives_online', 'successors', 'telemetry', 'version', 'peers', 'pending', 'pending_exists', 'work_validate', 'work_generate', 'key_create', 'krai_from_raw', 'krai_to_raw', 'mrai_from_raw', 'mrai_to_raw', 'rai_from_raw', 'rai_to_raw', 'validate_account_number'

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Important note: work_generate consumes 50 tokens instead of 1.


Just start using the API! You get some tokens that refill automatically which is enough for small projects or quick hacking without a node.


You need a API key which you send via a Authorization: yourapikey HTTP header.
The nano-node-rpc NodeJS library does that for you.


Login to get you API key!