My Nano Ninja API

Build awesome apps with the Ninja!

Base URL


Direct RPC Access

With this endpoint you can communicate with the Nano Node directly.


The following actions are available:
'account_balance', 'account_info', 'account_history', 'account_key', 'account_representative', 'account_weight', 'accounts_balances', 'accounts_frontiers', 'accounts_pending', 'active_difficulty', 'available_supply', 'block_info', 'block_account', 'block_create', 'block_confirm', 'block_count', 'block_count_type', 'chain', 'confirmation_active', 'confirmation_history', 'confirmation_info', 'confirmation_quorum', 'frontier_count', 'process', 'representatives', 'representatives_online', 'successors', 'version', 'peers', 'pending', 'pending_exists', 'work_validate', 'work_generate', 'key_create', 'krai_from_raw', 'krai_to_raw', 'mrai_from_raw', 'mrai_to_raw', 'rai_from_raw', 'rai_to_raw'
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You need a API key which you send via a Authorization: yourapikey HTTP header.
The nano-node-rpc NodeJS library does that for you.

Get you API key here!


Returns the current block count


Ledger Download

Redirects to the current ledger file at Yandex




Accounts with over 0.1% voting weight



Accounts that are verified


All Aliases

Get all aliases for local caching


Accounts with Monitor

Get all representatives that have a node monitor


Specific account

Get information about a specific account



Field Type Description
account String Nano address nano_1234...